A downloadable game for Android

The game was created for Quick Play 2022 (Game Jam)

Use the power of music to lead a group of Diablos in their journey to defend an ancient, holy realm. Yare is an auto-battler rhythm game in which players command a party of warriors, strategically chosen, using their rhythmic abilities.

How to play:

Goal: Defeat all enemies using strategy and action/rhythm


  1. Choose your warriors
  2. Let them fight against enemies
  3. Use your drums to follow the rhythm and give energy to your warriors

Fixed bugs after submission (version 0.15):

  • Characters were not dying
  • Winning animation was incomplete

Fiery Squirrel


yaredancingwarriors.apk 35 MB
yaredancingwarriors0.14.apk 35 MB
yaredancingwarriors0.15.apk (post jam) 35 MB

Install instructions

I fixed a couple of bugs, please download the latest version.

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