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Koa: a gluttonous wizard is a dungeon-crawling platformer full of elements to challenge your concentration, focus and reflexes. A wonky wizard, slave of his past, has decided to redeem himself and face one of his worst sins: Gluttony. Fight monsters and creatures created by your own fear, use magic and your willpower to defeat the beast that has kept you prisoner for decades. Overcome darkness in this tiny and quirky adventure full of fantasy, mystery and a lot of bitter sweet challenges.

The music and SFX of the game were created by the amazing PredatorMusic go follow him and enjoy his work!

Fiery Squirrel


Koa0.6.11.zip 112 MB

Install instructions

Thank you for downloading Koa: A Gluttonous Wizard!

  1. Download the ZIP file
  2. Extract it somewhere on your computer
  3. Go to the "Koa A Gluttonous Wizard" folder
  4. Open the "Koa A Gluttonous Wizard.exe" file
  5. Hope you enjoy it!

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